Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mirelle Borra

Friend of HKJB and Berlin resident Mirelle Borra has recently completed a book documenting her project Walls of Separation.

Mirelle is currently crowd sourcing funding through Crowdbooks Publishing here.

Beginning in 2007, Mirelle began photographing the West Bank Wall between Palestine and Israel, the Tortilla Wall between Mexico and USA, the Peace-Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the Berlin Wall. Investigating borders and segregation around the world through her photographs and videos, Walls of Separation is accompanied with insightful and critical texts from different authors on the universal topics of migration, borders and nation states.

"When some or all of the separation walls have been demolished, this book will then become a historic document, witnessing an important aspect of our current society and its dealing with conflicts." - Mirelle Borra

Mirelle Borra Walls of Separation

Book details :
Limited Edition of 500 copies

Format : 22 x 16,5 cm (8.66” x 6.497”)
120 color photographs
Offset print
The book is composed by 4 booklets, thread-stitched and glue bound together.
96 pages
Book cover with folded poster jacket wrap around : 44,5 x 84 cm (17.519” x 33.070”)

Bushwick Daily: 5 NY Times Articles That Changed Bushwick

From Bushwick Daily:

5 NY Times Articles That Changed Bushwick

By Katarina Hybenova

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Call for Entries: ITSA SMALL SMALL WORLD @ Family Business

Marilyn Minter recently invited Hennesy Youngman to participate in an exhibition at Maurizio Cattelan & Massimiliano Gioni's gallery Family Business. Mr. Youngman is now inviting participants. Details below. Please expect your artwork to be damaged during the installation and duration of the exhibition. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Youngman, please visit his YouTube channel here.

Call for Entries: Hennesy Youngman Presents: ITSA SMALL SMALL WORLD
520 W. 21st St.
Chelsea, NYC

Artwork Drop Off:
Friday, March 30th - Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Opening: Tuesday, April 3rd, 6PM
Closes: April 16th

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patrick Meagher

Nice pic.

A dashing photo of artist & friend of HKJB Patrick Meagher from Silvershed in Artforum's Scene & Herd report Walking on Sunshine.

Ghost Face in Bushwick

Ghost Face

Bobby Redd Project Space

626 Bushwick Ave. at Jefferson St.

(1 block from the Myrtle JMZ stop)

Opening: Saturday, March 17th , 6PM-Midnight

Featuring music by: Ice Machine & Swift and Rachel Mason & Little Band of Sailors

Artists: Andrew Ohanesian, Xaviera Simmons, Adam Parker Smith, Brent Owens, Kristof Wickman, William Powhida, Ben Godward, Amy Brener, Don Pablo Pedro, Nathan Gwynne, Audrey Hasen Russell, Fabian G. Tabibian, Fabio Ernesto Corredor and Steven Mykietyn. Curated by Dave Bates.

Additional information here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lionel Maunz at Bureau

Lionel Maunz: Receipt of Malice
March 3 - April 15 2012
127 Henry Street

Between Rutgers & Pike St.
F Train to East Broadway

Big Sky Mind, Curated by Jon Lutz at Bull And Ram


Curated by Jon Lutz

Opening: Saturday, March 17, 6-9 PM

Bull & Ram

270 Lafayette St., Suite 612


Big Sky Mind features recent works by Holly Coulis, Elisa Soliven and Mitchell Wright. Each of these artists approach a traditional genre – classical busts, painterly landscapes and intuitive drawings - in an overwhelmingly physical way. Though divergent in production and methodology, their works are as tactile as they are cerebral, abstractly and literally layered. Separately, these works exude personal visions of the most general notions: body, self, and environment. The group, though, is specifically aligned to embrace the multiple contexts that particular objects inhabit and to exploit these viewpoints as spaces for contemplation. big. sky. mind.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Frohawk Two Feathers at Morgan Lehman

Your Gods Are Impotent and Thus Their Defeat. (Failed Charge (Massacre) At Pic DuBois Colloquially Referred To As Mount Blood By The Locals) 1792
Acrylic, Ink, Coffee, Tea On Paper, 45 x 60 in (114.3 x 152.4 cm)

Friday, March 9, 2012

She Views Herself - exhibition in Paris

Thursday, 5th of March – The date with a weird touch

As I sit in the train from Amsterdam to Paris on that very 5th of march, to deliver my neatly framed photograph at Bank Oddo, where it will be shown in the exhibition “She Views Herself”curated by Doris Kloster, from today until the 27th of march, I receive a text message from my boyfriend at home. It contains the first bad news of today: In the early morning, he had gone to get a vaccination in preparation of his 3 months stay in at the artist residency Heden There in Yogjakarta, Indonesia. When he was about to walk out of the hospital, he suddenly fell unconscious on the floor. It was only for a short moment but still I am worried as hell and have no possibility whatsoever to help him.
At that moment, the second incident happens: the train comes to a sudden stop. It is snowing outside and we are somewhere in northern France, not too far from Paris. It is 09:15 am. The conductor announces that we have a slight problem in the engine then the electricity fails. There is no more air conditioning, no warm water for coffee, tea or baby food, the toilets fail without energy, too. Half an hour later, the conductor passes by personally since the intercom doesn’t work either and tells us that the engine has caught fire and they are trying to fix the problem. People around me start calling their business partners, they shift their appointments, call their loved ones, tell them not to pick them up from the station and so on. But everybody remains calm, even the small children. Actually, the atmosphere is not bad at all. We are all in the same boat – or rather train – and we know there is nothing we can do but wait.
Shortly afterwards firefighters appear at the scene. They have to climb down from a bridge with special outfits and fire extinguishers on their backs. The conductor passes by again to tell us it will take longer then first thought. The fire fighters are having trouble to put the fire out. There is movement on the bridge. Private cars stop, people get out and watch the scene. Later I understand that they must have been journalists.
admittedly the camera on my phone is pretty bad

but maybe you can recognize the fire fighter on the top of the stairs
Eight – 8 – hours later, the electricity is turned on again and we start moving in the wrong direction: away from Paris to the next train station. There, several camera crews and train employees equipped with water and food await us. Everybody has missed his or her appointments by now. For lots of people it does not make sense to continue into the same direction. They choose to take busses back to Bruxelles and continue to Amsterdam from there. But I still have to deliver my work at the exhibition space. So I continue still in the same train but with a new engine and arrive at 6:30 pm in Paris, where I learn that all trains back to Amsterdam have been cancelled for today.
After I install my work, I call up my friend Madeleine. She arranges a wonderful dinner and I stay overnight in Paris, which is not bad at all. When I skype with my boyfriend he tells me he is already recovering from his fall.
installing my work (in the back, a piece by: Andreia Sâmpăleanu)
When I take the first train the next morning, the people that had a similar fate as me, are all in a bad mood. Everybody who has lost his or her train the day before is grumpy and unfriendly towards the train personal. Of course, the situation is not nice. The train is overbooked for all the extra passengers. Lots of people cannot find a seat and have to stand. Everybody had to spend an extra night in Paris, which is not cheap if you don’t have a Madeleine (like me). But I find the difference to the mood in yesterday’s “catastrophe train” striking… Interesting how a day of bad luck can be experienced so positively. 

A Selection from 'Pencil in the Studio'

Pencil in the Studio is a blog by artist Maria Calandra. The blog consists of reports, commentary and images from studio visits with artists, mostly in New York, but ventures beyond the city, too. A large part of the blog are drawings that Maria accomplishes during the visit. Below is a selection of drawings from recent studio visits with artists Matt Jones, Rob Nadeau, EJ Hauser, Inna Babaeva and Jovi Schnell. All works are graphite on A4 paper.

Thanks to Maria for sharing these with the HKJBlog.

1. Jones' Studio, 2012

2. Nadeau's Studio, 2012

3. Hauser's Studio, 2011

4. Babaeva's Studio, 2012

5. Schnell's Studio, 2011

Thursday, March 1, 2012


159 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6pm