Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mirelle Borra

Friend of HKJB and Berlin resident Mirelle Borra has recently completed a book documenting her project Walls of Separation.

Mirelle is currently crowd sourcing funding through Crowdbooks Publishing here.

Beginning in 2007, Mirelle began photographing the West Bank Wall between Palestine and Israel, the Tortilla Wall between Mexico and USA, the Peace-Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the Berlin Wall. Investigating borders and segregation around the world through her photographs and videos, Walls of Separation is accompanied with insightful and critical texts from different authors on the universal topics of migration, borders and nation states.

"When some or all of the separation walls have been demolished, this book will then become a historic document, witnessing an important aspect of our current society and its dealing with conflicts." - Mirelle Borra

Mirelle Borra Walls of Separation

Book details :
Limited Edition of 500 copies

Format : 22 x 16,5 cm (8.66” x 6.497”)
120 color photographs
Offset print
The book is composed by 4 booklets, thread-stitched and glue bound together.
96 pages
Book cover with folded poster jacket wrap around : 44,5 x 84 cm (17.519” x 33.070”)

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