Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Final Frontier

The Atlantic Conference Presents:

The Final Frontier
Curated by Matt Jones
April 21, 2012, 7-10 PM
340 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Art is a way one can express themselves without the concern of boundaries. I feel a lot of people often think of art as "being creative," even though it's much more than that. "Being creative" comes in various forms. The way you brush your teeth is creative because it's your own technique; and the outfit you choose to wear out of the house in the morning is creative since it's your own style. 

I like the idea of there being another Tali Autovino in the universe somewhere, for I have spent several hours of my life trying to determine what animal I 'll reincarnate into in my next life, even though all signs point to an aardvark. I haven't thought much about there being life on other planets, although David Bowie wrote a song about life on Mars. 

I believe that if there is life on another planet, all the people will look like the Snorks. Our personalities will be represented by the color Snork we are, so developing relationships will be a lot easier. I'm not sure what the antennae thing on our heads will be good for, but like I said, we can "be creative" with it. 

So, what do people mean when they say, "in an alternate universe…" or, "in what world…"? Your guess is almost as good as mine, even though I'm not sure what yours is. My guess is that when people say "in an alternate universe," they mean "if things weren't so bad, they'd be splendiferous," even though that's probably not true. We, as human beings, rely on a higher power whether that be God, a foreign world, or our mothers. It gives us a sense of comfort and sanctuary from a world that is entirely built on curiosity. 

Tali Autovino, April 13, 2012

Artists Include:

Tatiana Berg
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet
James Brittingham
Kadar Brock
Kate Casey
James Case Leal
Andrea Claire
Gene Coffey
Kirsten Deirup
Brian Dulaney
Brock Enright
Giovanni Forlino
Josh Freydkis
Mark Gibson
Max Gimblett
Tamara Gonzales
Stephanie Gonzalez-Turner
Daniel Heidkamp
Jay Henderson
Amber Ibarreche
Matt Jones
Benjamin King
Harmony Korine
Noah Lyon
Billy Maker
Virginia Martenson
Rob Nadeau
Jon Newman
Eli Ping
Jason Peters
Max Razdow
Guadalupe Rosales
Guy Richards Smit
Jason Tomme
Kim Westfall
Eric Wiley
Jen Zakrzewski

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