Friday, April 6, 2012

Open Call: On the Fence at The Dirty Dirty


The Dirty Dirty

672 Westminster Road

Brooklyn, NY 11230

Over the years The Dirty Dirty has held events in its yard, but the 6’ high fence has kept passers-by from entering and experiencing the exhibitions. “On The Fence” aims to reverse this effect by hanging art on the exterior of the fence, whereby pedestrians will encounter the works as they stroll along Westminster Road.

Those who wish to participate in this neighborhood-friendly exhibition should bring their work, ready to hang (all work will hang off of the fence with twine---no screwing around!) to The Dirty Dirty by 5pm on April 28th. The artists should also be prepared to hang while we picnic and grill (behind the fence) throughout the length of the exhibition.

While the title describes the nature of the show’s hanging, it also alludes to the idiomatic expression of being “undecided”. It is strongly encouraged that you present work that you have never exhibited, precisely because you have been “on the fence” about it.

*The Dirty Dirty is not responsible for any missing or damaged artworks.

More information is here.

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