Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art Review Summer Issue: Silvershed

Silvershed, as seen on the cover of Art Review's summer issue.

"It’s a new golden age for New York salons, with groups popping up all over the city (and particularly in Brooklyn), in settings ranging from temporary to humble to spectacular; Agnieszka Gratza examines the phenomenon. Martin Herbert assesses the work of Tino Sehgal and finds ‘the most radical, far-reaching, beautifully generous art programme’ of the artist's generation, while Jennifer Uleman recalls her heady time as an interpreter in Sehgal’s This Progress. Plus Brian Dillon on the ‘present future’ in art; an interview with sci-fi writer China Miéville; and Tom Sachs’s mission to Mars." - Art Review

P.S. - Hope you remember this picture of Patrick Meagher . . .

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