Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eric Leiser: Hologalactic @ All Things Project

269 Bleeker St.

All Things Project is pleased to present HOLOGALACTIC, a solo show by artist Eric Leiser in holographic painting. Curated by Susan Joyce (Fringe Exhibitions LA) and Samuel W. Kho. This summer exhibition runs concurrently with the New Museum’s Pictures from the Moon, Artists' Holograms 1969-2008.

While engaging Spinoza, Bachelard, Deleuze, and other thinkers, Leiser responds as an artist to the central contention that measured Time resists strict objectivity, that Time is understood as anthropocentric by definition. Additionally, the prescient, mid-twentieth century philosopher Henri Bergson specifically argues that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity fails to live up to its promise of a truer relativity, running counter to its own findings and blindly relying on old paradigms. In all this, the artist is looking for a lived understanding in which Bergson’s imagination can find true simultaneity alongside scientific evidence of a complex, multiversal world; an expansion of the photographic, the extra-dimensionality of HOLOGALACTIC as paintings and environmental installation facilitates this grand vision. Also included in the exhibition are a series of framed glass holograms and a newly created short animated film depicting laser light and defraction.

Eric Leiser is an artist, holographer, animator, filmmaker, and puppeteer, who studied at CalArts and is based in New York. His most recent solo exhibitions include Live With Animals in New York City, Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Group exhibitions include Spencer Brownstone Gallery, Cabinet Magazine, Mass MOCA. Leiser's experimental films have shown at museums and festivals at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art (Greece) and ANNECY Film Festival (France). An installation at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn is being planned for Fall 2012. 

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