Thursday, February 19, 2015

Maria Calandra: Request for Collections

 A request from artist Maria Calandra:

Dear Friends,
I am looking for art collections to draw as an extension of my project Pencil in the Studio for my upcoming show at Sardine Gallery this May. The idea here is that I will be drawing the artworks where they live, as opposed to where they were made. If any of you could put me in contact with someone who has a collection, or if you yourself have a collection for me to draw, it would be a great help. I am hoping to have a mix of both artists’ and collectors’ collections to work with. It would mean drawing for a couple of hours on site, much like the studio visits, and the work would be only for the show and not the blog. Thank you for any help you can provide or leads you can give me. I have attached a couple of studio visit drawings from the past several years as examples. The studio's are of Saira McLaren, Rachel Beach and Jules de Balincourt.

Thank you,
Maria Calandra

Maria can be contacted directly via:


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